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Buying property in Nigeria is a great idea. This is particularly so if you’ve been away for a while.

Here’s why:

Nigeria is economically productive. With a GDP of $415 billion, she is the largest economy in Africa. She is also the fourth fastest growing in the world. This means you are settling down in a society that offers a lot of opportunities for both young and old.


Lagos, her commercial capital, is the 6th largest urban centre in the world. When you buy property in Nigeria, you are settling into a rapidly urbanizing environment, with all the amenities that come with it. Think of airports for faster travel, electricity for daily convenience, as well as access to information technology to keep us on the cutting edge of global development.

Nigeria has the largest university-educated population in Africa – 35 million. You can count on the presence of like minds to engage with and share ideas with.


When you acquire property in one of Lagos’s prime areas, e.g. Ikoyi or Lekki, you merely change your address without losing any of the comforts. This hub is home to an endless variety of recreational and commercial centres such as theme parks, world-class restaurants, shopping malls, movie theatres, spa and gym facilities, as well as excellent schools, with adequate provision for security. You would be enjoying the convenience of New York or London right in the heart of Africa.



Finally, let’s face it – home is where the heart is. You have been away for a while and accomplished great things. It’s nice to be back home and celebrate your success with friends and family. A comfortable house in a place you call home. What more could one wish for?