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Exclusive Real Estate Investment Clubs

Exclusive Real Estate Investment Clubs

Exclusive Real Estate Investment Clubs

Real estate investment clubs are made up of individuals with keen interest in real estate, who specifically want to invest in it.

Investment in real estate without doubt a worthy venture, has its own share of risks and challenges. A major challenge is the intensity of capital required to engage in the business. Not many individuals can single-handedly pull the resources together, thus making the establishment of real estate investment clubs a ‘near necessity’.

These clubs serve different serve different purposes for different individuals the benefits are also dynamic. Membership in real estate investment clubs affords members the opportunity to network with fellow investors.

The exclusive real estate investment clubs, just as the name implies are exclusive. They are what can be termed as ‘closed’ membership clubs. Membership is usually restricted, based on certain criteria.

This article will briefly highlight few of the general benefits of Real Estate Investment Clubs (R.E.I.Cs), as well as educate on things to consider before joining a club.

Benefits of R.E.I.Cs

  1. Network with others: – It’s an avenue to meet other individuals who share the same passion as you.
  2. Learn from others: – The need to make investment decisions is not the only reason to organize and attend meetings. Speakers can be invited to give talks, and there’s the chance of benefitting from the collective knowledge of other members.
  3. Sell homes: – One of the high points for real estate investors is the ability to sell homes quickly, and that is achievable with greater ease for club members.
  4. Financial help: – Funds that cannot easily be sourced as an individual are better pulled together among this group of people with common goals.

Worthy of consideration

  1. Determine what you want from the club before you join.
  2. Support, information and motivation are common goals, but certainly not the only reasons to join a club.
  3. Find out the purpose of the club you intend to be a part of, and make sure it aligns with yours.
  4. Study and know key real estate laws and market conditions. Get familiar with the business you’re about to engage in.
  5. Ask questions that will let you know how well members have done with their investments.
  6. What’s the membership type in the club? Who are those that constitute the members? Are they experienced or newbies in the business?
  7. If you can, attend a few meetings before you make a commitment.
  8. You can also start a group. Define your focus and seek to attract people of like-mind. There may be laws and regulations that guide the establishment of these clubs based on your location, so it’s important to do a thorough finding.

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