Thinking of trading in your present real estate holdings? Why sell off and hold on to the cash? With JCD Property Swap, you can invest or buy a property using funds from a pre-existing real estate asset. We not only take your through the process of asset liquation and project development, we ensure that you are properly situated and receive the best financial advisory services during the period.

Our structured home ownership model relieves you of the pressure of completing a housing project as is typical with most development schemes. Typically structured over a 5-year period, you can pay to own your land over a period of time, following which you will get the title which can then be used as collateral to access more funds to complete the building project. Why focus on just one building project when you can use the same funds to initiate several? Our products give you varied options, not just to own your home in a prime location but to build up your real estate portfolio for capital appreciation.

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