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First meeting with the client

Property Drone Shot

The meeting heard between Mabadeje Estates ltd. and James Cubitt Developments on the 21st August, 2017.

  • Mabadeje Estate Ltd. is a family liability company incorporated in Nigeria on the 10th October, 1975 with registration number RC 15995. They owns the property at Bourdillon Road, Ikoyi, Lagos with a Lagos State Government Tittle Deed No. LO 7822 and unexpired lease of some 35 years.
  • The property has a land area of 6060.306 Sq. m.
  • The property has an exisiting structures which will be demolished to give way for the proposed development.
  • Mabadeje wishes to partner with a Developer to actualize the development. Mabadeje equity will be ONLY the land
  • The concepts proposed in the form of two options was submitted to James Cubitt Developments for review and inputs.

Proposed Structure 2017

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Proposal review between the client and JCD

Proposed Structure 2018

Key Assumption

  1. Viability: A residential development on Bourdillon Road, Ikoyi
  2. Grade of Project: Grade ‘A’ Project
  3. Planning and Approval: All approvals sought and obtained from the Lagos State Government
  4. External Influence: The land is free from external influence
  5. Development consists of a Single Towers of 30 Floors
  6. The Towers’ 30 Floors consist of Ground Floor + 5 Parking Floors + 2 Floors for
    Ancillary Services + 22 Floors of residential units.
  7. The residential floors will consist of 90 residential Units


  1. 2 Bedroom Flats 12 Units 100 sqm
  2. 3 Bedroom Flats 32 Units 129 sqm
  3. 4 Bedroom Flats 32 Units 153 sqm
  4. 4 Bedroom Maisonette 8 Units 306 sqm
  5. 5 Bedroom Maisonette 2 Units 400 sqm
  6. 5 Bedroom Penthouse 4 Units 506 sqm
  7. The floor allocation includes the 5BD apartments and 4BD apartments on the upper floors, with servants’ quarters attached to each unit. The other floors are distributed to the 2BD, 3BD and 4BD flats, each unit with rooms for the domestic staff.
  8. Based on project cost estimates, the development build cost will be at a value of approximately N17.6BN (at N454.397/sqm)

Development Features

Other Features

African Cultural Art & Language Centre

Swimming Pool


Waste Management



Green Area


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The Signing Ceremony

The signing ceremony took place at the Metropolitan Club, on Wednesday, July 31st, 2019.

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